HireSelect is web-based pre-employment testing software that features aptitude, personality and skills tests. Companies of all sizes use the tests in HireSelect to gather objective, reliable information on their prospective employees, and to save time and money in the hiring process. HireSelect’s customer base consists of companies in a wide range of industries, and most of […]

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Greenhouse is the world’s first recruiting optimization platform. Companies like Airbnb, Booking.com, and TripAdvisor use Greenhouse to manage their talent from interviewing through onboarding. From strategic sourcing to customizable interview kits, Greenhouse provides a technology platform that helps organizations of all sizes improve their recruiting performance. You can find better candidates, conduct more focused interviews, […]

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ChiefOnboarding is an online employee onboarding system that changes the way you onboard new hires. By getting your new hires up to speed with your other employees and giving them an awesome first impression, ChiefOnboarding aims to improve employee retention and create a closer team. ChiefOnboarding offers paperless employee onboarding made simple. Create To-do Lists for […]

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